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Concrete Staircases have over 20 years’ experience providing beautiful, creative bespoke concrete staircases of distinction.  Whether floating, helical, elliptical, spiral or simply straight and classy – each and every one carry our mark of luxury and quality.

Constructed in situ, giving you almost unlimited design flexibility and of course avoiding the difficulties and expense often associated with lifting precast stairs into place.  Aside from their aesthetic attributes, advantages of a concrete staircase are a secure and solid access which is extremely fire resistant, noise reducing and long lasting.  Our highly trained team have been responsible for creating beautiful staircases in commercial and residential properties across the UK and Ireland. Each and every staircase is uniquely tailored to create the greatest visual impact and enhance the space, light and living area available.

The wealth of experience and specialist knowledge among our team acquired from our work across the board from 5 star hotels to private dwellings and everything in between, means we are able to help with design ideas and advice should you wish.  We take great pride in completing projects on time, on budget and with attention to detail from start to finish.

If you are looking for a concrete staircase, then look no further.

20 years experience of providing beautiful bespoke concrete staircases of distinction

Concrete Staircases

Beautiful, luxurious, bespoke concrete staircases, which are ready for finishing in almost any material – the most popular being marble, tiles, carpet or timber treads.

concrete stairs and stairscases in Ireland
Coloured Concrete Staircases

We are also delighted to offer a modern and contemporary coloured and lightly buffed concrete staircase which is a strikingly beautiful feature to any building.

concrete stairs and stairscases in Ireland

Our carpentry background also lends itself perfectly to the extensive range of reinforced concrete works that we offer, from underground carparks to retaining walls, basements, swimming pools and water features.

concrete stairs and stairscases in Ireland

What our clients say about us

``Your work is simply stunning``