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Thinking of having a new staircase installed?

Read about our five tips for a brand-new staircase.

As your staircase is quite a prominent feature of your house, and can be one of the first things that people notice when entering your home, you may be thinking about upgrading it for a better one.

Lets take a closer look at your considerations when deciding to replace your old staircase for a new one and how important it is to have the job done right.

Tip one: You will want to decide about the overall look of your new staircase. You may want to keep it in style with your house and use similar materials to what is already within your home, or you could go for something completely different if you are looking to maximise the available space or are planning to remodel your home interior in the near future.

Most UK homes have wooden staircases, but this doesn’t mean you have to replace like for like. Think about using other materials such as concrete to let more light into a dark hallway, or using a metal frame to minimise and streamline the design.

Remember that whatever staircase design you choose to go with, you will need to work with an expert company such as concrete staircases.ie or joiner to make sure your new staircase meets with current building regulations.

The maximum pitch of your new stairs should be no more than 42 degrees, however many people prefer a shallower staircase that is easier to climb. Your builder or joiner will be able to advise you on exact specifications and the need for hand rails and banisters. Please feel free to call us for a quote 045 528 915

Tip two: Think about changing the type of staircase completely. Just because you have a straight staircase already installed does not necessarily mean you have to replace it with another straight one!

There are lots of different types of staircases available to choose from. If you are planning to renovate or remodel your home, then you could think about repositioning your staircase to somewhere else. Swapping a large, bulky and cumbersome wooden staircase for a sleek and slimline spiral concrete staircase may solve some of your space issues and free up a lot more space in an open-plan layout. Think about your options. You could have a staircase that adds interest and becomes a focal point of your home, such as spiral, curved, and cantilevered designed.

Tip three: Functionality. OK, so you can let your imagination run a little wild when thinking about adding a show-stopping concrete staircase to your home. You have to bring yourself back down to earth with the reality of how you use your staircase and what it is for. The main components of the stairs are the treads – the actual flat pieces that you stand on as you walk up them, the risers between the treads, the handrails, spindles (if you are having them) and the newel posts.

There are designs that don’t have spindles or newel posts but may have wall-mounted handrails to save on space as well as adding a nice safety feature. An open design such as this would make the task of moving furniture up and down the stairs much easier, should that be a major consideration of yours.

Tip four: Blending in or making a statement. Your new staircase can do one of two things – it can have a design that is eye-catching and unique and can make a real statement or centrepiece within your home. Or it could be designed to blend in better with your home, especially if you have already modernised or refurbished your interiors. If you old fashioned staircase doesn’t fit with your newly modernised décor, then you can swap it out for something more streamline and in keeping with your new style.

Tip five: Listed building considerations. If you have a listed home, then wanting to drastically change or remodel your existing staircase may not be entirely possible. You would have to first source listed building consent from your local council before making any changes. Your desired changes will also have to be agreed as appropriate before going ahead. For freehold properties, you will have to get the permission of the freeholder to be able to make any changes. Please feel free to call us for a quote 045 528 915

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